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Troupes ready for world stage

By Mu Qian  (China Daily)

09:45, October 27, 2012

A scene from the folk dance drama Zhou Xuan by the Shanghai Opera House. The drama is on stage at the 14th Shanghai International Arts Festival. [Provided to China Daily]

More shows from China will appear on the global stage in the near future, thanks to the 14th China Shanghai International Arts Festival Performing Arts Fair, which just concluded in Shanghai.

Among them, Shanghai Puppet Theater will perform at next year's Budapest Spring Festival, Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble's dance work Heaven, Earth and Man will tour the Beiteddine Art Festival of Lebanon in 2014, and Green Snake by the National Theater of China will premiere at the Hong Kong Arts Festival in March.

These are some of the results of the fair, which was attended by more than 400 representatives from more than 250 organizations from 36 countries - the biggest in its history. At least 118 programs achieved an initial intent of cooperation.

"We hope the fair will become one of the most professional in the Asia-Pacific region, and provide a platform for Chinese performing arts to enter the international markets," says Wang Jun, president of the Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival.

The fair showcased 27 original works of Chinese performing arts, including music, dance, theater and traditional Chinese operas. Among them, Tan Dun's new work The Secret Songs of Women - Symphony for 12 Micro Films, Harp and Orchestra got an initial invitation to perform at 15 international festivals.

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