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Girls forced to sell sex, fake virginity with eel blood

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10:56, October 26, 2012

POLICE of Changzhou City in east China's Jiangsu Province recently cracked down on an organized prostitution ring and captured five suspects who allegedly forced minor girls to use eel blood to fake their virginity, Modern Express reported today.

Four girls aged around 14 to 16 fled to the police station on August 7, saying that they were forced into prostitution by a couple, and they had managed to escape on their way to clients.

The police soon identified the head of the gang surnamed Chen, 30, and his lover called Xiaoyu, 24. An investigation found that Chen was also imprisoned in 2010 for organizing prostitution. This April he came to Changzhou and went back to his "profession" - he asked Xiaoyu and other two women to look for minor girls and clients, and also hired two men to watch the girls.

The police captured Xiaoyu and the other four suspects at their house on August 14, but Chen managed to escape. The police also rescued five minor girls in the house.

Xiaoyu allegedly confessed that they had lured altogether 11 girls into prostitution over the past four months and handled over 100 prostitution transactions. They charged the clients about 1,500 yuan to 10,000 yuan.

To attract more clients, Chen told the young girls to use eel blood to pretend to be virgins. Xiaoyu allegedly confessed that they bought over 1,000 phone numbers from KTV waitresses and sent short messages to the targeted customers offering the prostitution service.

Over 20 prostitution ringleaders have been identified and given administrative punishment, and the police are still hunting for the gang leader Chen.

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