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Hackers attempt to take advantage of 'Mo-mania'

(Shanghai Daily)

10:54, October 26, 2012

THIS year's Nobel Literature Prize winner Mo Yan probably never expected "Mo-mania" would offer hackers the chance to harm others' computers or steal people's personal information.

Since winning the Nobel, Mo's books have sold out so fast both online and in bookstores that many readers have to wait for the books to be reprinted. Those who don't have the patience to wait have turned to online downloads, many of which are unauthorized and expose people to possible cybercrimes.

Hackers are increasingly targeting these websites and links in an attempt to spread viruses or lure netizens to disclose their personal details, police from several cities and provinces, including Shanghai, have said.

Police have found more than 2 million online links that claim to provide free downloads of Mo's books. They expect the figure to keep rising. Police warned netizens to be aware of hacker attacks.

To express his appreciation to Shanghai, Mo has sent some of his manuscripts to the city and they are among several being displayed in Putuo District Library as part of a Nobel Prize works exhibition, which opened yesterday.

Manuscripts of Mo's novels like "Frog" and "Big Breasts & Wide Hips" are on display. The library also has an unpublished version of "Frog" on display. Mo had once sent it to a Shanghai commentator to ask for advice.

His manuscripts will be a permanent display.

With Mo becoming a national sensation, his books have become bestsellers in book stores around the country.

"Aunt's Treasured Sword" is being reprinted after hitting stores in August.

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