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Beware of online exercise video; rolling your eyes may be a hazard

By Du Liya (Global Times)

08:09, October 26, 2012

Experts are warning people to use caution when attempting to follow a new online video that purports to be an eye exercise program, the link to which has been reposted more than 17,000 times on Sina Weibo alone as of Thursday.

The five-minute amusing exercises video shows a woman in red rolling her eyes in all directions in time to the beat of the accompanying music. It was posted online Tuesday.

Since the 1970s, students at public schools across the country have been doing eye rubbing exercises during recess. Updated in 2008, the school-based exercises get students to rub their eyes and massage nearby acupuncture points.

While the school program has been sanctioned for decades, the new online version has not been tested, experts say.

"The results of the exercise are still unknown and it is better not to follow it closely," Li Shiming, a doctor of the Eye Center at the Beijing Tongren Hospital, told the Global Times.

According to the Hangzhou-based City Express, the video was made more than 10 years ago. It was produced by the Taizhou office of the China School Health Action in Zhejiang Province, a branch that is now defunct, and Bright Angel Eye-protecting Center for Students. Calls to the center went unanswered.
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