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University teacher in Taiwan plays sex films in the class

(People's Daily Online)

17:19, October 25, 2012

Six students with Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology recently filed complaint against their English teach surnamed Chen, who played two films with nudity and sex scenarios in the classroom.

After investigation, the school came to a conclusion that the case does not stand because Chen informed the students in advance that the films are rated and explained the usage of English language in the films in the classroom.

Unexpectedly, the students were accused of defaming the teacher, which made the parents question whether the school had leaked their identities.

Receiving the notice, two of the students were so scared that they immediately transferred to another school. Although the investigator decided not to prosecute them, the fact that the students had the courage to complain but had their identities exposed and incurred a lawsuit – regardless of how the teacher obtained the students' identities – will undoubtedly make the students no longer dare to "speak out loud."

Read the Chinese version:大学老师课堂播放限制级电影 学生投诉后遭控告

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