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Man on dating show gets call for medical advice


15:56, October 24, 2012

A day after appearing on a popular dating show, a township official received hundreds of phone calls.

But the calls weren't from women asking for a date. They were from people who wanted to know how to cure a skin disease.

Dai Bin, deputy head of Tiangong township government in Southwest China's Sichuan province, said he was looking for love when he appeared on the show If You Are the One on Saturday night.

According to the show's rules, Dai could take one of the 24 single women on the show as his girlfriend if his presentation won over the women. But it failed to attract any of the women.

During the presentation, Dai said he studied at a medicine school and knows how to treat urticaria — a skin disease that causes red or white spots.

After returning home, Dai received lots of phone calls from people who wanted to know how to cure urticaria.

"I received more than 200 phone calls within a day, and I had to change my mobile phone batteries several time a day," he told the West China Metropolis Daily.

Dai said he could not diagnose treatment for people who made the phone calls because there are several different kinds of urticaria, and people with the disease must first see a doctor.
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