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Notary office head suspended for misusing funds

(China Daily)

08:47, October 24, 2012

The director of a notary office in Eastern China's Zhejiang province was suspended from work for further investigation on Oct 22 after he was found receiving excessive salary and other disciplinary problems, China News Service reported.

Shen Jilong, director of the notary office in Tongxiang city, was found having an illegally excessive annual salary of more than 800,000 yuan ($128,000).

The notary office, with only three regular employees, was also found tampering with accounting records including one in which they spent 100,000 yuan of public funds eating mitten crabs in 2010 but reported the account in the name of an inspection.

Zhu Liping, who is the deputy director of the justice bureau in the city and the direct leader of the notary office, was also suspended from work for her failure to supervise the office.

Shen and his office's illegal behaviors were reported on a local online forum on Oct 17.

An investigation began the following day and the result was published on the local government's website on Oct 22.

According to the local government, further investigation will continue and those convicted will be punished in accordance with the law and discipline.
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