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Police probe doctors in human egg case

(Shanghai Daily)

08:17, October 24, 2012

SHENZHEN City police have begun investigating some of the doctors involved in an illegal human egg trading facility that allegedly sold human eggs for 200,000 yuan (US$31,746) each.

The local health watchdog said it had collected information about the doctors and presented the evidence to local police, according to yesterday's Southern Metropolis Daily.

Shenzhen health officials announced last Thursday that they had raided the illegal human egg trading facility inside an abandoned nursing home, where agents collected eggs from young women and later sold them.

The nursing home had been divided into several sections and was equipped with modern medical facilities worth more than 10 million yuan. Unlicensed doctors collected eggs, fertilized them and transplanted them into women customers with fertility problems.

Officials said the case was very "serious" as it involved not only unlicensed medical practice but also illegal check on fetus' gender and surrogate pregnancy, which is banned in China.

Officials of the Shenzhen Health Supervision Agency said they found many doctors' names and telephone numbers in the surgery record at the unlicensed facility. However, the names all turned out to be fake and they have passed on the information to local police.

There were also names and contacts of many doctors in the telephone address book of Zhang Xiaohua, who was in charge of the facility. The list included a leading doctor in the anesthesiology department of Shenzhen Sun Yat-sen Cardiovascular Hospital.

Zhang used his cell phone to send the doctor's name and surgery schedule to a patient on July 15, the newspaper reported.

The doctor's number in Zhang's phone was the same as the phone number the former publicized online.

However, the doctor denied any links to the unlicensed facility, telling the newspaper his speciality was anesthesia for heart surgery not illegal human egg collection.

"With my current income, professional position and busy schedule, it is impossible to do such an illegal thing," he said. "The losses far outweigh the gains if the crime came to light."

He suggested that both his name and phone number can be googled.

The doctor believed that the illegal facility was simply using his name to cheat infertile couples, making them believe that the surgery was being done by well-known doctors from big hospitals.
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