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Property rich Guangzhou official disciplined, investigation ongoing

(Global Times)

10:28, October 23, 2012

A suspended government official who owns 22 properties has been given an administrative penalty by the Guangzhou Commission for Disciplinary Inspection in Guangdong Province and remains under investigation, the commission said Monday.

The commission confirmed that Cai Bin, 56, a senior official with the Panyu urban management bureau, owns 22 properties, one more than the 21 listed by a netizen who brought the controversy to light.

The netizen had backed up his accusations against Cai by posting details of the deeds to Cai's apartments from the city's online property platform.

Cai's infractions include bribe-taking and setting up private enterprises, the commission said, adding that Cai's son is now an Australian citizen.

Cai only reported two properties during the compulsory disclosure of government officials' assets.

The disclosure regulation also requires officials to report their and their spouse's private property and any children who have emigrated overseas.

More than 1 million officials have complied with the regulation and reported their assets to the disciplinary organ since January 2011.

By the end of last year, 83,195 Party officials had voluntarily handed over cash and securities worth 771 million yuan ($123 million) since the regulation took effect in January 2010, according to the Central Commission for Disciplinary Inspection and the Ministry of Supervision Monday.

Some 392 million yuan of illegal income had been discovered and 3,578 Party officials had been punished in accordance to Party regulations.
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