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Man catnaps stray moggie suspected of pigeon murder

(Global Times)

08:30, October 23, 2012

A pigeon breeder, who claims his expensive bird was eaten by a neighbor's cat, shows off a claw, all that he alleges remains of his deceased racing pigeon at his home in Dongcheng district Monday. Photo: Li Hao/GT

The fur and feathers are flying in a Beijing hutong after a pigeon breeder accused his neighbor's cat of devouring his prized bird, allegedly worth 100,000 yuan ($15,990).

The breeder, surnamed Li, who lives in Dongsi Batiao, Dongcheng district, captured a feline suspect, and condemned it for having eaten one of his precious homing pigeons.

He then demanded a female neighbor, Wang Chunrong, should compensate him for the murder of his pigeon, holding the captured cat as collateral.

Wang, however, claims that she is not the cat's owner, but only one of several local residents who feed the neighborhood's strays.

Local police, called in by the local residential committee to mediate the dispute, have pointed the finger at another culprit, and have named the top suspect as a weasel.

Li told the Global Times that he discovered the grisly remains on Sunday morning.

"When I climbed on to the roof I discovered the window of my pigeon coop was open, and all the birds were jumping up and down," Li said.

"Then I discovered a cat was trapped inside, and one of my pigeons was dead. It had been half-eaten," he said.

Later on, Li claimed, someone cleared the remains away, leaving only a single claw behind as proof.

"I've raised this pigeon since 2009, and it's been in nearly 20 races," said Li, "its father was worth more than 80,000 yuan."

After he trapped the suspected cat burglar, Li sought the owner, who he believed was his neighbor Wang.

However, Wang denied the accusation, adding she does not own the cat, and also disputes that the cat is in fact the culprit.

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