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Cleaner drinking water for 1.2m residents

By Ni Yinbin (Shanghai Daily)

11:02, October 19, 2012

TWO more water utilities in the Pudong New Area started to draw cleaner water from the Qingcaosha Reservoir, the Shanghai Water Authority said yesterday.

With a capacity of 240,000 cubic meters per day at each facility, the Hangtou and Huinan water utilities will provide cleaner drinking water to more than 1.2 million residents, the authority said.

With the Hangtou and Huinan utilities making the switch from sourcing water from local creeks to the reservoir, it marks the completion of the Qingcaosha water resource project.

It took 15 years of study, one-and-a-half years of preparation and five years of construction, according to the authority.

With the two plants included in the Qingcaosha network, the reservoir is now providing water to more than 13 million Shanghai residents in urban areas and parts of Pudong, Minhang, Baoshan and Qingpu districts.

"Qingcaosha is a cleaner water resource and the water quality is more stable than that of others," said Gu Jinshan, vice general manager of Shanghai Chengtou Company, the city's major water supplier and processor.

Gu added that the company had established a monitoring system in both the Yangtze River and the reservoir to ensure a safe supply of water.

"We've built a comprehensive system to monitor the water quality hourly both inside and outside the reservoir," Gu said. "For example, if some ship capsizes in the Yangtze River and causes some pollution, the system will inform us immediately and the reservoir will be closed."

Gu also said pollutants discharged by factories alongside the Yangtze River should not affect water quality much since the reservoir takes water from the heart of the river.

"Pollution from the factories will mostly affect the water along the banks while the water in the middle should remain in good quality as the Yangtze has a strong ability to self-clean," Gu said.

With the Nanhui area population expected to further increase, two more water utilities are scheduled to be built, adding another 600,000 cubic meters of supply, the Shanghai Water Authority also said.

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