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4 men arrested for shooting car in Nanjing

By Pan Zheng (Shanghai Daily)

10:00, October 19, 2012

Four men were captured yesterday for attacking a car with sand-blasting guns on the elevated Yingtian Road in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, local police said this morning.

The incident happened at about 3pm yesterday when a black car intercepted an Audi sedan on the road and three men got out of the black car and fired three rounds at the Audi before fleeing.

Witnesses said the Audi tried to back away but stopped after it was hit and two men inside the Audi abandoned the car and ran off.

Police later captured the three attackers and their mastermind surnamed Zhang and seized their sand-blasting guns.

Zhang confessed that he had a gambling dispute with one man in the Audi car and asked three friends to attack Shi's car with sand-blasting guns in revenge.

Police investigation into the case is ongoing.

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