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Food poisoning sickens over 100 students

By Hu Min (Shanghai Daily)

08:59, October 19, 2012

Students suffering from diarrhea receive treatment in a hospital on Thursday. More than 100 students in Yunnan province contracted infectious diarrhea from a school meal, local authorities said. Some 365 students from the Nationality Middle School in the Dai autonomous prefecture of Xishuangbanna developed symptoms of fever and diarrhea after their supper at 6 pm and were sent to hospital. (China Daily/Dai Zhenhua)

More than 100 middle school students in southwestern Yunnan Province felt sick after having dinner on Tuesday, local officials confirmed today.

Students of the Minzu Middle School in Xishuangbanna prefecture showed symptoms of fever, abdominal pain and vomiting after eating at the school canteen. Forty-seven of them were diagnosed with infectious diarrhea at the hospital.

All the students are in stable condition and authorities are now investigating the food poisoning case.

The prefecture government has ordered extensive food safety examinations at local schools to prevent such cases from happening again.

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