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Microblog helps Chinese girl regain father's wages


15:15, October 18, 2012

NANNING, Oct. 18 (Xinhua) -- After a debtor had paid most of what was owed to her family, 12-year-old Lin Haoru finally felt a bit relieved.

But they would not have received the cash, 1.1 million yuan (about 175,890 U.S. dollars), if it was not for the 12-year-old writing a microblog, telling of her family's woes in the last four years.

In 2007, the girl's father, a construction contractor in Guangdong, borrowed 1.2 million yuan to pay for the costs of building materials in advance. He was carrying out a project with dozens of his workers in Nanning, capital of neighboring Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

But the developer of the project refused to pay back the money. Her father, Lin Weixiong, negotiated with the developer but all efforts failed. He was even beaten when he asked for payment. Lin sold his house to pay his workers, but the money was far from enough.

To avoid his workers and other creditors who demanded wages and payment of loans, Lin fled his temporary residence in Nanning. But the daughter and mother never gave up asking for the money.

The daughter released her first microblog, Chinese twitter-like service, nearly two months ago while she was being treated in a hospital for anemia. Her wardmate suggested she could try the microblog to solve her family's trouble.

On August, 25, Lin, with the username "Girl asking for wages", wrote her first microblog on the popular portal website. She told of her family's trouble. The microblog quickly drew the attention of netizens and the media.

Three days after the microblog was released, the construction administration authorities of Nanning contacted Lin's mother, surnamed Cheng and told her they would solve the problem as quickly as possible.

"This is the happiest day over the past four years," said Cheng. The family could not sleep all night after hearing the news.

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