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Police disclose rule-breakers' auto plates

By Zha Minjie (Shanghai Daily)

10:43, October 18, 2012

TRAFFIC police will publicize the license plate numbers of drivers who break rules in a new move to stop people with out-of-town plates illegally using elevated roads during rush hours.

The plate numbers will be publicized on LED boards on elevated roads, police said.

Officers added that they will also post the plate numbers of drivers who are caught speeding because reckless driving has been blamed for some serious traffic accidents.

Shanghai traffic police said they have tested the idea on two LED boards - one on the Inner Ring Road and another on the Middle Ring Road - since late September.

So far, 2,294 license plate numbers have been publicized on the two LED boards, officers said, adding the main purpose of the idea "is to alert and remind drivers (that they have been caught)."

In most cases, surveillance cameras are used to catch drivers violating the elevated road restrictions on out-of-town plates.

One Shanghai resident who has an out-of-town plate told Shanghai Daily he does drive on elevated roads during rush hours occasionally, but has yet to be caught. He said he may be more cautious with the introduction of this new measure.

According to the city's traffic regulations, vehicles with out-of-town plates are not allowed onto elevated roads during rush hours to prevent gridlock.

Some drivers with out-of-town plates said Shanghai police can not punish them even if they are caught.

Officers responded that the information will be sent to the location where the vehicle is registered and authorities there will then levy the 200 yuan (US$31.97) fine.

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