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Beijing's first govt shelter for abuse

By Yin Yeping (Global Times)

08:16, October 18, 2012

Kim Lee posted this photo of her swollen forehead online as an accusation against her husband, LI Yang, Crazy English's founder.(Photos provided to China Daily)

A shelter for victims of family violence has opened in Mentougou district, the district civil affairs bureau said Wednesday.

It would be the first government shelter in Beijing, the Beijing Morning Post reported.

However, an expert in domestic abuse told the Global Times that the shelter still might not be adequate to meet the needs of abuse victims.

Chen Feng, the head of shelter, told the Global Times that the district civil affairs bureau established the shelter on October 10, offering services such as legal assistance and free meals and accommodation for the victims of family violence.

"Principally, the victims could live here for a maximum of 10 days," he said.

Chen said that since their office has just started they do not have experts for psychological and legal assistance on hand.

"We have cooperation with a local law office and associations for psychological help who will offer us professional services when it is necessary," he said.

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