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Shanghai to reinforce strictest water management system

By Yang Jian (Shanghai Daily)

16:01, October 17, 2012

SHANGHAI will set up a new water resource management system by 2014 that is said to be with the strictest ever standard on water saving and waste water treatment in China, the Shanghai Water Authority said today.

The new system includes more scientific water resource allocation across the city and a central platform to monitor and control the water use efficiency of local companies.

A sewage treatment network will also be built across the city within three years to avoid waste water being discharged into rivers.

"The city aims to improve the standard-reaching rate by 53 percent among the city's main water resources and make major industries use 30 percent less water comparing with that of 2010," said Zhang Jiayi, director of the authority.

The city is to invest up to 100 billion (US$16 billion) yuan over the next five years to improve its water utilities.

The cash will be spent on an anti-flood system, the water supply system and riverbank administration, said the authority.

Officials said the city had made big progress in water utilities last year, is investing more over the next five years and that overall investment should be doubled.

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