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College junior raped by HIV-infected gays

By Li Qian (Shanghai Daily)

08:46, October 12, 2012

A college student in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province refused to call police after he was sexually assaulted by gays and contracted HIV virus because he felt ashamed.

The student said he was in his junior year in college and went out to eat with a fellow from his hometown in northeast China one night this February. They got drunk and said goodbye around 10pm.

When he walked home alone, three young men approached him and pushed him into a dark lane. There, they pressed him on the ground and raped him, Jiangxi Daily reported today.

"I thought they just wanted to rob me," the unnamed student said. "I was so unlucky to encounter such an experience and even got infected with HIV."

"I was totally drunk that night! I couldn't remember their faces. That's why I didn't call the police," he added.

A Jiangxi judge said no laws have been made to punish a man who rapes another man, but the virus carrier might be fined.
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