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Mainland students' acceptance to Taiwanese healthcare proposed


08:26, October 12, 2012

TAIPEI, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Chinese mainland students studying in Taiwan will be allowed to join the island's healthcare scheme, under a draft amendment passed by Taiwan's executive authority body on Thursday.

The draft, which seeks to amend the island's regulations governing ties with Chinese mainlands, will now be sent to the island's legislative authority for deliberations.

In the draft, the status of mainland students studying on the island is changed from "stay" to "residence" and the "residence" status of a student shall cease when the period of study is over, according to Chang Shu-ti, chief secretary of Taiwan's mainland affairs authority.

Under Taiwan's current regulations, people from outside the island have to have residing status to qualify to join the healthcare system.

Sean Chen, head of Taiwan's "Executive Yuan," said the change will help create a friendly environment for mainland students to live and study in Taiwan and thus promote cross-Strait exchanges among the young.

He urged the island's education, health and cross-Strait affairs authorities to work hard to get the support of lawmakers for the draft.
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