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People's Daily's campus tour visits Beijing Normal University

By Wen Ya (Global Times)

09:07, October 11, 2012

China's widely-read People Daily continued its campus tour at Beijing Normal University Wednesday, aiming to give students a better understanding about the newspaper.

Ma Li, a vice editor-in-chief of the People's Daily, introduced the newspaper's history and its latest innovations - including its website, microblog and related newspapers and magazines - to about 200 students.

Quite a few young people read news through the Internet. However, much of what they read through news portals originates from newspapers such as the People's Daily, Ma said.

"I hope young people can read our newspaper, maybe you could find what you like. I also look forward to your opinions and suggestions about our paper," she said.

"I wish students would think more and take on more responsibilities. You are the future and the hope of China. If you develop well, so will China."

In the subsequent Q&A section that was hosted by top leaders of the People's Daily, students asked questions about subjects ranging from the news industry to news values and employment opportunities.

Responding to a student reporter who asked how a journalist should face negative reports, Lu Xinning, director of the newspaper's opinion department, said, "We surely meet some difficulties and puzzles while reporting the dark side of the society...The most important thing is that you should have a good attitude as someone who contributes and find what you should do."

Many students said the lecture has changed the stereotype they held of the newspaper.

"Through this face-to-face interaction, I know more about it. I'm happy to learn that the newspaper has always been in a process of innovation," Wang Yang, a third-year grad student majored in law at the university, told the Global Times on Wednesday. "Now I don't feel that it is so far away from me."

During a ceremony, representatives of the People's Daily and the university signed an agreement to foster talent and give employment guidance.

With a current daily distribution of 2.80 million copies, the People's Daily, born in 1948, started its campus tour campaign in November 2009. The tour has included Peking, Tsinghua, Fudan and Nanjing universities.


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