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Landfill to power 100,000 homes

(Shanghai Daily)

08:39, October 11, 2012

Two workers check the 20- meter-high Laogang landfill site in the Pudong New Area yesterday. Behind them is the new landfill-gas-powered generation project, Asia's largest, which began operating yesterday.(Photo by Sun Zhongqin)

SHANGHAI'S Laogang landfill-gas project started to generate power yesterday, contributing to the city's power grid, Shanghai's public utility authority said.

Asia's biggest landfill-gas-powered generation project is expected to provide nearly 110 million kilowatt-hours of electricity every year, which should cover about 100,000 households' annual power consumption, according to the Laogang renewable sources company.

The new clean energy could provide a little relief during the city's summer power-usage peak, the company said.

With an area of 6.5 square kilometers, Laogang fills nearly 10,000 tons of household garbage every day, 50 percent of the city's total waste, during which two major kinds of greenhouse gases - methane and carbon dioxide - are formed. The project of landfill-gas recycling and power generation improves resource utilization at Laogang and reduces more than 8,100 cubic meters of greenhouse gas emissions yearly, the company said.

Laogang has six generators operating at 10.8 megawatts. Next year, three more sets will be installed and the total capacity should reach 15 megawatts.

The burning of landfill gas in Laogang is also expected to save 37,800 tons of coal every year.

As a result, in the next seven years, the plant is expected to reduce 66 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, according to the company.
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