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New road rule marks first step to orderly society

(Global Times)

08:34, October 10, 2012

According to a new regulation from the Ministry of Public Security, drivers who are caught running red lights will have six points deducted, half of their 12-point limit. This means that drivers who run red lights twice will have to take their driving test again. The rule also stipulated that drivers with less than one year's driving experience cannot drive on expressways alone.

This new rule, Article 123, marks China's entering a new era of more stringent traffic laws.

The new rule has declared war on the large number of violations of rules involving hundreds of millions of Chinese drivers.

The strict implementation of this rule will make China a nation with a high degree of civilization in terms of road traffic, and will put pressure on drivers.

Implementation of the rule requires citizens' willingness and awareness. However, Chinese people currently do not have enough psychological preparation to engage in civilized driving.

China has to promote civilized driving to solve its traffic problems. Civilized driving is key to reducing the number of traffic deaths. Taking such a step, the prospects for China's urban transportation will be much brighter.

But civilized driving cannot be realized through self-awareness. It has to be ensured by strict law enforcement. The new regulation by the Ministry of Public Security is an important step toward building a civilized driving environment.

This involves the support of the public. Sloppy driving habits shouldn't be allowed in a society yearning for orderly roads. Everybody must follow the traffic rules.

Civilized traffic habits, once established, will extend to other fields and boost the overall morals of the country. This is a tough job, but also worth the effort. The behavior of each individual will decide how civilized a country is.

The order that can be seen in developed countries is admired by Chinese people, even though we have already acquired a certain amount of material wealth. The glamorous facades of our cities cannot cover up the mess inside.

There are also other opinions suggesting more thorough changes to the traffic rule. But at this time, the determination to make the change is more important.


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