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Roses, not rods: Chinese "chengguan" forsake brutality


08:21, October 10, 2012

WUHAN, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- While many Chinese urban management officers, or "chengguan," are often accused of brutality during their law enforcement, a few of them in central China's mega city of Wuhan are trying to remold their tarnished images through a softer manner.

A pharmacy clerk surnamed Wu received a rose after he and his colleagues, under the persuasion of several female chengguan, ripped down posters that had been illegally put up on the walls.

"How can we be so brazen to put up posters again since the beautiful officers have sent us roses?" Wu said.

The roses, rather than to convey romance among lovers, are intended to encourage people to cooperate with the law enforcers, said Liu Xiaojing, a female chengguan who walked on the street on Oct. 6 with her colleagues on a "special mission."

"We won't quarrel or fight with people. Instead, we treat them politely and try to persuade them with a kind manner," Liu said. "If they cooperate with us, we send them roses as a kind of reward."

Wuhan, a bustling city by the Yangtze River like many others around the country, is crowded with numerous peddlers on the streets. One of chengguan's major tasks is to maintain orders in cities, dispelling peddlers if they block traffic.

During such law enforcement tasks, skirmishes often break out, with peddlers occasionally being brutally beaten by chengguan, resulting in a spate of criticism and denouncements.

To polish their tarnished image, urban management authorities in Wuhan initiated this special mission, which instantly went viral online and won many plaudits from Internet users.

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