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Holiday crowds show nation's dilemma

(Global Times)

08:10, October 08, 2012

The long holiday for the Mid-autumn Festival and National Day have ended. Many people complain about traffic jams and overcrowding during the holidays. Most people go back to work today.

It's time for us to summarize this long holiday.

The crowded long holiday shows that China's domestic demand is huge. The actual situation of our national economy is not as bad as some people speculated.

China is an economy which is difficult to manage precisely. In other words, our management capabilities do not match current social and economic activities, which are very active. However, at the same time, they are also quite chaotic.

China has a large population. As increasing number of people are engaging in tourism, Western management methods and ideas cannot deal with China's problem of too many people traveling at the same time.

Previously, a population of 1.3 billion was only a stationary number to us. But currently, this number can exert a huge impact. A large number of Chinese people are becoming more aware of their rights.

The increasingly better-off Chinese are demanding more quality products, better service and infrastructure. But these cannot be reached just with money in a short period of time. The public takes it for granted that China nowadays should be as orderly as any developed country. Massive traffic jams during the holidays can greatly frustrate Chinese.

But these jams are not difficult to comprehend. The Forbidden City reportedly received 18 million tourists in one day this holiday, with most of the tourists coming from outside Beijing. In order to prevent the Forbidden City from becoming overcrowded, it would be necessary to block at least half of the tourists. There aren't really any other options.

Preventing a population swarm during the holidays is a big challenge. We often hear radical suggestions that sound reasonable but are impossible to carry out. It is completely different to compare all French tourists going to the Palais de Versailles and all Chinese tourists swarming to the Forbidden City.

Chinese governments have to be aware that managing a well-off society is no less difficult than managing a poor society. Governments need to be more professional and devoted to providing this service. Meanwhile, a good communication strategy and better adaptation are essential for today's governments.

All kinds of emergencies frequently happen in China nowadays. While learning from advanced countries, Chinese people need to be realistic in their expectations.

Crowded as it was, the holiday shouldn't have been overwhelmed by negative moods. After all, many people are able to go out and enjoy a long-anticipated vacation. Let's not forget this fact when commenting on this busy holiday.

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