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2 held in tourist stabbings at scenic spot


10:19, October 06, 2012

TWO men surrendered to police yesterday for stabbing two tourists on Tuesday at a scenic spot in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, police said.

Liu Weijun, 28, and Wang Qi, 20, were detained for intentional assault, said a police officer with the public security bureau of Huayin City.

The two are accused of stabbing Dong Liwen and his wife Wang Jiao, both from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, at Huashan Mountain in Huayin at around 10:30pm on Tuesday. Dong was stabbed nine times and Wang was stabbed twice, police said.

The suspects, both local villagers who were purchasing tickets from tourists at discounted prices and returning them to redeem the full ticket price at the ticket office, quarreled with Dong while waiting in line at the ticket office, and their quarrel turned violent.

The two ran away when they saw uniformed staff members approaching them, and the victims received treatment at a local hospital, according to the police officer.

Large crowds of people, like Dong and Wang, demanded to have their tickets refunded as it was too crowded for tourists to enjoy their trips to the mountain.

The case sparked public worries online over safety at crowded and chaotic scenic spots, as China is in the midst of an eight-day national holiday that started last Sunday and many tourist spots have offered discounted tickets.

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