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Visa mistake costs couple honeymoon

(Global Times)

13:47, September 28, 2012

A couple's month-long European honeymoon was cut to a single week after they were deported Thursday for mistakenly allowing their single-entry visas to expire.

The Shanghai Airport Frontier Inspection Station warned Chinese tourists to be mindful when traveling through Europe on a Schengen visa, a regional visa that allows holders to enter many European countries, according to a station press release.

The newlyweds, surnamed Dai and Li, traveled to Europe on a Schengen visa and spent their first week sightseeing in Greece.

Before leaving for Italy, their next stop, they decided to book a cheaper flight, which had a stopover in Turkey, rather than fly straight from Athens to Rome as they had planned, according to the press release.

The Schengen visa allows visitors to travel throughout most of the EU and a handful of other European countries. Turkey is not one of those countries.

When the couple arrived in Italy, they learned to their disappointment that they needed to apply for another visa to enter the country.

Unable to do so, they were forced to return to China.


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