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Man detained for 10 days for crying wolf

By Liu Sheng (Global Times)

08:50, September 26, 2012

A local man received 10 days of administrative detention for filing a false police report that claimed an unlicensed taxi driver stole 10,000 yuan ($1,585) from him in Pudong New Area Sunday, local police announced Tuesday.

The man, surnamed Fang, made the charge against the taxi driver after enlisting a passerby to follow the driver after a dispute, kicking off a high-speed chase that ended in a collision with a third vehicle, Pudong police posted on their official microblog.

The incident started when Fang got into an unlicensed taxi Sunday night. In the middle of the trip, he asked the driver to pull over so he could pick up a friend, according to police and local media reports. The driver, surnamed Xu, was concerned that Fang might skip out on the fare, so he asked Fang to pay before getting out of the vehicle.

Fang later told local media that he was angry that Xu doubted he would return, so he threw a 10,000-yuan bundle of cash at the driver to show that he had the money to pay, according to a report in the Oriental Morning Post Monday. Fang said Xu then took off with the money.

Fang flagged down a local resident driving by surnamed Zhang to help him chase down Xu, police said. Police later confirmed that Fang had been drinking that night.

The chase lasted at least half an hour at speeds that reached 150 kilometers per hour, Zhang told Shanghai Television Station Tuesday. He suffered a bruise in the collision.

Xu later told local media that he fled from the pursuing vehicle because he didn't want the dispute to attract the attention of authorities.

Because his car was not a licensed taxi, he was not allowed to drive passengers around for money.

While investigating the crash, police found contradictions in Fang's story, according to the microblog post.

He first told police that a friend gave him the cash, but he later claimed that he won it gambling. When police called the friend to confirm Fang's version of events, the friend denied the story and told police that Fang had asked him to lie.

Xu's case has been handed over to the traffic police.

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