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Temple gets in touch with high tech

By Yin Yeping (Global Times)

08:44, September 26, 2012

The Temple of Heaven said Tuesday that new kiosks offering free information services to Chinese and foreign tourists have been installed in the park.

Six kiosks with touch screens are scattered in the park, and as well as accessing park information, visitors can make real-time video calls to the staff and park police for any inquiries.

"The video call allows you to ask questions about the park or complain about our services," said Zhou Ziniu, director of the temple's administration office.

"If you press the emergency call button, you can talk face-to-face with park police," he said.

The operators can answer queries in Chinese, English and Japanese, said Zhou.

"We get thousands of inquiries from tourists every year, and this device could help those in need," Zhou noted.

An Australian who was visiting the park for the first time and only gave his name as Martin, said he did not initially know how the screen worked.

"Those who don't have technical experience like me might struggle with it. The help desk really couldn't help me much, since she was a bit confused when I asked her how to use the machine," he said.

It seemed when contacted, the help desk staff only knew basic English, like common greetings.

Zhou said next year he expects to install a QR code system with Wi-Fi in the park, so visitors can access information via their cellphones.

Xia Ran, the media officer of Beijing Municipal Administration Center of Parks, said the kiosks are on a technical trial in the Temple of Heaven before being rolled out in other parks.

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