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Office staff fear falling elevators

By Yin Yeping (Global Times)

08:36, September 24, 2012

A woman takes the elevator at Borui building Sunday. (Global Times/Guo Yingguang)

Workers at the Borui office building in Chaoyang district complained Sunday over the building's constant elevator malfunctions, which causes them to suddenly drop up to two floors.

The building's property management company said that repairs had been undertaken last week, however employees alleged Sunday the elevators are still dangerous.

An employee at an online technical company, surnamed Wang, said her company moved into the 25-floor Borui building in June, a month before the building's construction was completed.

"We didn't know the elevators didn't work well until we moved in," she said.

The frequency of the elevator problems has increased recently, to at least once a day, said Wang.

"It suddenly fell two floors on Wednesday when I was in it, and after that I chose to climb the steps instead," she said.

Another worker, surnamed Zhang, said her neck was injured when the elevator she was in fell from the second to the first floor last week.

"Then we had to press the emergency button until the door was opened up from outside," said Zhang, who added the property management company had promised to pay her medical fees.

An employee, also surnamed Wang, from Mitsubishi Elevator Beijing Branch Company, said he has not heard about these incidents. Mitsubishi Shanghai produced the elevators.

"You should report this to the property management company instead," he said.

Wang noted that they were not responsible for the maintenance if the property management company authorized others to carry it out.

An anonymous employee from the property management company said the cause of the elevator malfunctions is unknown.

"For now, the elevators have been fixed already," he said, not specifying how and when.

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