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Returnees should receive a helping hand

(Global Times)

08:16, September 20, 2012

In current China, a growth in population has been gradually transformed into an intellect surplus. China's great progress cannot be separated from overseas returnees.

Returnees have been very important throughout the modern history of China. There are quite a number of returnees in the leading lights of the last three generations. Some of them have international experience which is urgently needed in China. They have played important roles in improving China's international status and strengthening China's exchanges with other countries in politics, economy and culture. Also, returnees have helped improve officials' ability and the efficiency of administration.

Chinese returnees have traditional ideas about morality, regulating the family, supervising authorities appropriately as well as seeking peace. At the same time, they also have open and broad international horizons. They have the advantage of knowing new technology, a spirit of teamwork and innovative ideas. They can build bridges between different cultures. Most home-grown talent does not have these skills.

Returnees' overseas experiences are also very useful. According to surveys, returnees have an average of five years' work experience abroad, vital for entrepreneurs. The services industry constitutes 80 percent of national GDP in the US, but only 40 percent in China. The returnees can help improve the services industry by introducing modern management techniques and operational skills.

Compared with the past few years, China's entrepreneurial environment has improved noticeably. It took months to set up a company several years ago but much less today. Currently, there are more than 160 pioneer parks for overseas returnees nationwide. Many special talent zones as well as "innovative bases" have been established. To encourage overseas Chinese to return and pursue careers in China, a series of policies have been put forward by the government.

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