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Bright Diary product under fire for forbidden ingredients

(People's Daily Online)

08:07, September 20, 2012

One month earlier, Mr. Wang, a resident of Beijing bought the “Bright Baby Cheese (Baby Cup)” product of the “Bright” brand and found that the product contained milk mineral salts forbidden by the Ministry of Health of China (MOH). On the afternoon of Sept. 17, Ms. Zhang from the Public Relations Department of the Bright Diary company said that this product has no health problem, but in order to prevent consumers from misunderstanding words on its package, the sale of this product was suspended nationwide at the beginning of September and the product will be re-put on the market at the end of October after its package is changed.

On the morning of Sept. 17, the reporter saw the product offered by Mr. Fan. On a side of the package, it is clearly printed, “The Little Bright Growth Cheese contains high-quality proteins and abundant calcium and vitamins and is good for babies between one and three years old.” On the bottom of the package, it is printed that the product contains “compound nutritive elements (milk mineral salts)” and other ingredients. After interviewing several chain stores in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, the reporter found that the product has suspended selling.

In as early as 2009, the MOH already sipulated that milk mineral salts “should not be used in baby food products,” but according to the label of the “Little Bright Baby Cheese (Baby Cup)” product, the product has contained these ingredients for a long period. On Sept. 17, Mr. Ju from the Quality Department of the Bright Diary company said that the formula of this product was fixed before 2009. “Once a formula is fixed, it is rarely changed,” and therefore, the ingredients of the product has contained milk mineral salts since 2009.

“This cheese product does not have any food safety problem.” On the afternoon of Sept. 17, Ms. Zhang from the Public Relations Department of the Bright Diary Company said that this product has passed all tests and does not have any problem, but in order to prevent consumers from misunderstanding the words on its package, the product has suspended selling nationwide and its package will be changed.

“Milk mineral salts, as ingredients that Chinese people are not used to eating, are regarded as new food resources.” A senior national nutritionist and a member of the China Nutrition Society Li Dongye said that milk mineral salts come from milk whey, which does not contain any protein and milk sugar, but contains abundant calcium and has natural milk fragrance. “However, since Chinese people were not used to eating them, they were regarded as new food resources by MOH in 2009.”

“It is still unclear whether eating new food resources for a long period is safe or affects growths of children or not. Therefore, they are forbidden to be added into food products for infants and babies.” Li said that no negative re-action has been found on the foreigners who have eaten some new food resources, but since Chinese people's body conditions are different from foreigners' and infants and babies' bodies are more fragile than adults', MOH does not allow adding milk mineral salts into food products for infants and babies to guarantee safety.”

Read the Chinese version:光明乳业“宝宝奶酪”全国下架 被指含禁放物

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