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Police seize 61m yuan in counterfeit contact lens

(Global Times)

08:13, September 18, 2012

Police seized more than 1.8 million sham contact lenses, valued at more than 61 million yuan ($9.65 million), during a raid of a counterfeit contact lens manufacturer, Songjiang police announced Monday.

The district food and drug administration launched an investigation into the manufacturer, which was based in Chedun, Songjiang, in June after police were tipped off to its exploits, according to a press release from Songjiang police. The investigation found that the company was operating without proper licenses and was manufacturing substandard products.

In July, police arrested several suspects when they raided the company's factory and warehouse in Songjiang district and its sales department in Zhabei district. In August, police caught another suspect in Songjiang.

The company had been making substandard products since it started its business in 2008, according to the press release.

According to eye care experts, counterfeit colored contact lenses are often made using shabby techniques to add tints to regular contact lenses, and are often non-ventilated.

Consequently, they may cause cornea infections, and in some extreme cases, can result in loss of eyesight.

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