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Lymphoma rises among Chinese: Expert


15:37, September 17, 2012

The incidence of the cancer lymphoma is rising by 4 percent a year, senior cancer specialists warned.

A new epidemiology survey showed that lymphoma has become the ninth most common cancer type among Chinese males on the mainland.

"Worse, in recent years we've seen rising cases among young people particularly in urban areas. Lymphoma will hit more Chinese people, given a changing lifestyle and environmental pollution," said Zhu Jun, a leading lymphoma specialist at Beijing Cancer Hospital.

He made the remarks at an awareness-raising event to mark World Lymphoma Awareness Day, which falls on Sept 15.

To better guide and standardize clinical treatment of the disease, a clinical diagnosis and treatment guideline on lymphoma was issued jointly by the Chinese Society of Hematology under the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association at the end of last year.

"With timely and proper treatment, nearly half of the sufferers can be cured," Zhu said.

He said early symptoms of lymphoma include high fever, sudden body weight loss, frequent sweating and swollen lymph nodes on the neck or armpits.

To help raise public awareness, a two-month campaign scheduled to tour 15 Chinese cities was launched on Saturday offering people free consultations.
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