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Beijing gov't launches complaint line

By Wei Na (Global Times)

09:00, September 17, 2012

The Beijing government launched a hotline for residents to file complaints about officials they suspect of illegal conduct Sunday, and has promised every complaint will be replied to.

The hotline was set up to make filing administrative complaints about government departments and officials suspected of illegal actions and corruption more convenient, according to an announcement on Beijing government's website on Sunday.

However, on Sunday, the hotline, number 90160, could not be reached. The line was either busy, or could not be connected.

Complaints concerning cases that "strongly damage the government's image and the public interest" would be prioritized, said the announcement.

Some residents did not seem surprised the hotline service did not work.

A lawyer from Beijing Yingtian Law Firm surnamed Zou, who was allegedly beaten by a court police officer during a civil case in June, said he would not consider using the hotline.

"The supreme court and supreme procuratorate set up a similar hotline before, and promised to deal properly with every complaint," said Zou.

"However, many complaints against officials are never accepted, so I don't see any hope for the new one," said Zou.

Lin Zhe, an anti-corruption specialist with the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC, said the bureau should explain more to gain residents' trust and make the service work.

"The most important thing is the feedback process. They should say which department will handle the complaints and how many days the residents should wait before getting a reply," said Lin.

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