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Mystery deaths of two Shenzhen cops probed

By Zhao Wen   (Shanghai Daily)

10:51, September 15, 2012

Police in Shenzhen City, south China's Guangdong Province, are investigating the death of two policemen who were found severely injured in a pool of blood at a local police station on Thursday night.

They were identified as Yang Xu, 28, deputy director of the police station, and Wu Qianchun, 54, an experienced cop.

Zhu Zhiqiang, deputy director of the Gongjiao branch under the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, told local media yesterday morning that Yang and Wu were found severely injured by a colleague who went to Yang's office about 8:40pm on Thursday.

They were bleeding badly and were rushed to the Luohu Hospital where they succumbed to injuries, Zhu said.

A witness told the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily that he saw medical staff wheel out two injured men in police uniforms from the police station around 9:10pm.

He told the newspaper that both men had head wounds but he couldn't tell if they were gunshot injuries.

Shenzhen police told Southern Metropolis Daily yesterday that no third person was involved and only one gun was found at the scene. Police also denied that the two policemen had shot each other.

The paper learned that the young officer, Yang, was promoted to his post last month. Yang, a native of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, had graduated from China Criminal Police University in 2006.

Wu, on the other hand, was an experienced policeman who had served many years at the police station. Both of them had excellent work records.

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