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Chinese tourists should maintain a good image overseas (2)

(People's Daily Online)

16:29, September 14, 2012

Someone said that two fight incidents had occurred "in the sky" within just one week and the "courage" of Chinese people is really "admirable." Both of the fights took place in the international flights, making a spectacle of them.

It is obviously wrong to evaluate a nation's character in individual behaviors. However, a concerning problem is whether the overall quality of wealthy Chinese people can match with the speed of China's economic development. In the eyes of foreigners, the behaviors of Chinese tourists overseas stand for the image of China.

We can pay no attention to the opinions of others but we must mind our own behaviors. After all, our ultimate goal is not domineering, but to enhance our spiritual civilization on a wealthy basis.

People once mocked the upstarts for "having nothing but money" so now we certainly do not want to hear that the wealthy Chinese people have nothing but money. Having enough money, we can travel around the world but not confine to the luxury brands and hotels. Having confidence, we can ignore the "prejudice" from foreigners but should not be arrogant. After all, it will give people different images that talking aloud in waiting hall or reading quietly, lingering in the museums of international metropolises or rushing to LV shops and busying in taking photos in scenic spots or being enchanted by the ruins and remains.

Having money does not mean well-educated and accomplished. Material wealth may be soar in a short period of time but the accumulation and evolution of spiritual civilization are hard to be accomplished overnight. What we want to leave to the world is not just the growth of material wealth, but the accumulation of spiritual wealth.

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