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Appeal to halt illegal trash burning

By Yin Yeping (Global Times)

10:31, September 13, 2012

Residents at a compound in Chaoyang district have complained that local authorities have done nothing to investigate why garbage is being illegally burnt on land only one kilometer from their homes.

The residents of Fuli Youyicheng compound in Chaoyang told the Global Times Wednesday that they have been complaining to the authorities, both local and municipal, about the smell of the burning trash for over six months, but so far no one has responded to their grievances.

Because of the lack of response, they have turned to the media and a local environmental NGO to try to get a resolution.

The residents allege that people are dumping the trash from trucks on two plots of vacant land which lie just over the border in Tongzhou district, and it is regularly burnt at night.

Lan Hui, a resident of Fuli You Yicheng, told the Global Times that she can often smell an awful stench of burning plastic, which gets into her home at night through the open windows.

"Other residents said that it was like this even before I moved here two years ago," she said.

"But the situation has been far worse this summer till now, when the unbearable reek of garbage-burning stinks out our compound and the surrounding areas almost every night," said Lan.

Many residents are suffering from side-effects, said Lan, including sore throats or sinus problems.

"There are many children in our compound and their health condition might be affected even more severely as a result of the burning," she noted.

Another resident surnamed Zhao, said that the residents got in touch with Chaoyang environmental protection bureau, but they were told to approach the sanitation bureau instead, since they are not responsible for this.

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