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China to step up cares for the disabled


13:42, September 12, 2012

BEIJING - The Chinese government has vowed to increase financial support for, as well as encourage public investment in, disability care services, according to the China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF).

Such services are designed to provide all-around support, including rehabilitation, medical treatment, education, training and employment, for both mentally- and physically-handicapped adults.

According to a circular jointly released Tuesday by eight government departments that include the CDPF and the ministries of finance and civil affairs, more funds will be spent on improving care center infrastructure and boosting general public service centers' abilities to host the disabled.

The document came two weeks after a survey conducted by the country's legislators revealed that about 80 percent of disabled respondents said they are in dire need of medical and rehabilitation services as more than half of the 547,000 communities or villages surveyed do not provide rehabilitation services for the disabled.

While reiterating the non-profit nature of government-founded care centers, the document also encourages private entities to set up care service institutes, either for-profit or not, aimed at handicapped persons, in accordance with laws and regulations.

The document assures that both public and private care centers will enjoy the same support and beneficial policies, including favorable terms in land purchasing and taxation.

The CDPF described the care services as an effective measure for helping disabled people ease ability limitations so they can take part in social activities and support themselves while lifting burdens for their families.

China has more than 85 million disabled people, and their living conditions could involve about 260 million people if their family members are taken into account, according to the survey.

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