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Lack of leash loses case for dog owner

(Global Times)

08:42, September 12, 2012

A local court has ordered a pet owner to pay 126,000 yuan ($19,877) in compensation to a bicyclist who was injured while trying to avoid hitting her unleashed dog, Yangpu District People's Court announced yesterday.

The plaintiff, surnamed Han, was riding north on Huangxing Road in March 2011, when a wandering poodle ran into the road in front of him, according to a press release from the court. Han fell from the bicycle while trying to dodge the dog, but ended up hitting it with the bicycle's front wheel.

Han was sent to the hospital, where doctors found he had broken four ribs on his right side and dislocated his left shoulder, according to the court.

The defendant, surnamed Guo, argued in court that her dog had stopped inside the crosswalk and it was Han who ran into the animal after losing control of his bike.

The court found Guo at fault for allowing her dog to run around without a leash, which led directly to the accident.

The court ordered Guo to pay Han's medical expenses and compensate him for financial losses related to his injuries, such as lost wages.

The court reminded dog owners to keep their pets on leashes when taking them out for a walk.

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