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Pricey Teachers' Day gifts create anxiety

By Liang Yiwen (Shanghai Daily)

09:56, September 11, 2012

A student carried a bundle of flowers as a Teacher's Day gift on his way to school yesterday on Yan'an Road M. (Shanghai Daily/
Zhang Dong)

A PICTURE of a pupil carrying two Gucci bags to her school as gifts for teachers yesterday has created a stir online, where people liken the yearly gift-giving custom on Teachers' Day to bribery.

Before the country celebrated the festival yesterday, some parents had heated discussions about what to send to their children's educators. Parents now suffer great anxiety after the semester begins as they painstakingly pick suitable gifts for teachers.

The most popular gifts are prepaid gift cards worth between 300 yuan (US$47.30) to 1,000 yuan. Other choices include high-end green tea, cosmetic products, expensive watches, luxury jewels and overseas trips.

A survey said more than 70 percent of parents will send gifts to teachers on Teachers' Day, according to China National Radio.

Parents want to maintain a good relationship with teachers, who wield considerable influence, such as appointing class leaders or recommending students for higher education.

Some parents just fear their children won't get proper care if they don't send gifts to teachers because other parents do so.

"I just expect more attention and encouragement toward my son from the teachers," said Ge Min, a local father who sent 1,000-yuan shopping cards to teachers.

However, parents have found themselves in a dilemma. They teach their children to be honest and upright, while they don't know how to explain to their kids the reasons for elaborate gifts.

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