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Couple beaten after shushing man at movie

(Global Times)

08:26, September 10, 2012

Local police are searching for two men and two women who attacked a couple who asked them quiet down at a cinema in Putuo district Saturday night, local media reported Sunday.

The couple was out together at a screening of The Expendables 2 when they got distracted by a man sitting nearby who was heedlessly chatting with two girls.

About 15 minutes into the movie, the husband asked the man to keep his voice down. The man replied by telling the husband to mind his own business.

When the movie was over, the man, along with another man and two women, followed the husband and wife into the underground parking garage, and attacked them, the wife wrote on her microblog.

"The two women held me while the men, both taller than 180 cm, punched my husband in the head, eyes and chest," she wrote. "When I tried to protect him, they turned and started hitting me."

She said at least 10 people walked past, but no one stopped to help.

According to the photos that the wife uploaded on her microblog, the two suffered multiple injuries to their faces and necks.

"We are trying to identify them on the surveillance footage and hope witnesses will come forward," she wrote.

Her post was forwarded thousands of times, with netizens criticizing the four for beating innocent people.

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