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Welfare institute's luxury car confiscated

By Jin Haixing  (

09:43, September 07, 2012

A Mercedes Benz car bought by a children's welfare institute in Heifei, capital of Anhui province, was confiscated by the local government because the purchase violated regulations, local authorities said on Thursday.

The vehicle was bought by the Heifei Children's Welfare Institute with money from its budget, which violated regulations on public vehicles purchasing in Heifei, Wei Yuping, a publicity official with the Hefei government, wrote on her micro blog.

The institute's main officials were suspended and the case is being investigated, the micro blog note said on Thursday.

Yin Xueping, director of the institute, said on Monday that the car was bought with money from the government for 390,000 yuan ($61,500), and it's mainly used to transport foreigners who visit the institute to adopt children, the People's Daily website reported.

Yin said that the car had been left unused most of the time.

The institute is the biggest welfare adoption institution in Anhui province.
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