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Coca Cola to rebuild image through public welfare

(People's Daily Online)

09:27, September 07, 2012

Coca Cola (File photo)

Problems of the Coca Cola, such as using "double standards" in the production, have significantly lowered customers' recognition on its products. In the Report Release Conference on Coca Cola's Sustainable Development held not long ago, the vice president of the Public Relations and Communications Department of the Greater China Region of the Coca Cola Company Bai Changbo re-stated that Coca Cola products do not have double standards. The company also hopes to re-build its damaged brand image in China by carrying out public welfare and environmental protection activities.

According to the Customer Satisfaction Survey on Soft Drinks 2012 carried out by the China Association for Quality and the National Users' Commission, Coca Cola got lowest satisfaction points in the 12 soft drink products of the survey.

Coca Cola obviously does not want to see such a situation. Recently, the company released its sustainable development report in China, declaring that it had invested 230 million yuan in public welfare activities, such as supporting the education and financially aiding children. In addition, according to a manager of the company, the Coca Cola Company was the first one carrying out the pilot "zero emission" project in the beverage industry of China and also reduced the environmental pollution by using environmentally-friendly materials.

The series of actions are interpreted by insiders as the methods used by Coca Cola to regain the hearts of its customers and the market. The Chinese market plays a very important role in the business performance of the Coco Cola. Currently, China has becme Coca Cola's third largest market in the World. Bai said that the Coca Cola will continue to inject 4 billion U.S. dollars into China in next three years to gradually expand its factories of bottle coke products and its marketing size and will try its best to make Coca Cola products cover 90 percent of China's territory. In addition, Coca Cola will also make China its largest market in 2020.

Source: Beijing Business Today

Read the Chinese version: 可口可乐被曝生产存"双重标准" 欲借公益扭转在华形象

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