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Cold medications face tighter controls


08:43, September 05, 2012

The State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) said Tuesday that people who buy medicines containing ephedrine will have to provide their identity card, in a move aimed at deterring illegal drug production.

The maximum amount of each purchase will also be strictly limited, said the SFDA, which has launched a five-month campaign aimed at limiting the sale of over-the-counter medicines containing ephedrine and other chemical compounds that can be used to make illegal drugs.

The campaign will include intensified supervision of pharmaceutical enterprises and stricter market admittance for such medicines.

Pharmaceutical enterprises will be fined if found in violation of the regulations and held responsible if medicines are used for illegal purposes, said the SFDA.

Ephedrine can be used to make crystal methamphetamine, and its production and sale remain under strict control.

In 2010, police in Zhejiang Province busted a ring in which suspects bought 1.3 million units of medicines containing ephedrine, and transported them to Southeast Asia to produce drugs.

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