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High speed rail may need to be rebuilt (2)

By Bai Tiantian (Global Times)

16:30, September 04, 2012

The railroad line is 904 kilometers long and cost 92.3 billion yuan ($14.51 billion). Construction started in August 2007 and was completed on December 28, 2010, according to Xinhua.

A previous report from the Heilongjiang-based news portal said the railroad was expected to open for operation by the end of this year. However, an employee from the Harbin-Dalian High Speed Railroad Company told the Global Times that the date is not yet known.

"The railroad company and the construction teams are still trying to work out a plan," said Wang, "I don't know how much money it is going to cost, but I know it won't be cheap."

According to Wang, the average cost for building one kilometer of high speed rail is between 120 million ($18.93 million) and 150 million yuan.

The Economy & Nation Weekly reported that further investigations are required to determine if the train is able to travel at 350 kilometers per hour, as it was designed to do, after the reconstruction.

The problem on the Harbin-Dalian line may also serve as a warning to the Harbin-Qiqihar high speed rail, which is currently under construction.

"I always tell people that railroads should be built to last," said Wang, "To achieve that goal, the government needs to ensure proper investment and careful design."

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