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'Innovation, reform' set pace at new school

By Huang Yuli (China Daily)

08:31, September 04, 2012

South University of Science and Technology of China, widely known as a pilot in the reform of higher education, celebrated its establishment and the opening of the fall semester at its Shenzhen campus on Sunday.

The university's president, Zhu Qingshi, welcomed the 188 freshmen from eight provinces, the first class of students after the university received its official approval from the Ministry of Education in April.

"The South University of Science and Technology of China is starting a new history," he said. "Reform and innovation are the essence of the university. In the future we will advance innovations with more boldness, courage and energy and fulfill its significant mission as the pilot of the country's higher education reform."

The university was established in 2009 in Shenzhen with an estimated investment of 2.5 billion yuan ($394 million) by the Shenzhen government.

Unlike other universities in China whose presidents are appointed by the central government or local authorities, the university has a 20-member board consisting of government officials, a university president and a management team, that will examine and approve the university's management, financial reports and development plan.

It has also adopted a different enrollment policy. Unlike most universities that enroll students according to grades in the college entrance exam, the university enrolled 45 students in early 2011 who had taken an exam set by the university itself. After being approved by the Ministry of Education in April, it enrolled more students based on their performances in the national college entrance exam, in the exam set by the university itself and their high school records.

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