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35 accounting textbook forgers nabbed

(Guangming Online)

14:08, September 01, 2012

Police said yesterday they have detained 35 suspects for forging thousands of accounting and finance text books.

More than 20,000 books of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) were confiscated in the campaign last month. The total value of the case reached 200 million yuan (US$31.5 million), according to the Yangpu District police in Shanghai.

In March, the China branch of a British accounting training organization, BBP, called police, complaining about pirated copies of ACCA textbooks being sold on

Following an investigation, police identified one of the suspects, a man surnamed You. Nearly 200 textbooks were sold at You's online store on Taobao, which led to a bigger chain.

Police later found the suspects rented apartments in a residential area on Guoding Road, Yangpu District, for illegal printing of the textbooks.

Meanwhile, You's brother was found doing the same thing in Dongguan City, south China's Guangdong Province.

On April 18, a ring of 15, including the You brothers, was seized in Shanghai and Dongguan, along with 20 printing machines and a huge amount of pirated ACCA books.

After the raids, another suspect surnamed Yu emerged, who had established an online network for selling pirated ACCA and CFA books in Beijing, Shanghai and Anhui.

On July 26, police in Shanghai, Beijing and Anhui launched a series of raids and busted the whole network.

Shanghai police caught 35 suspects in 17 hideouts in Yangpu and Baoshan districts as well as the Pudong New Area.

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