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Chinese university sues former employee over sexual harassment accusations


13:41, September 01, 2012

BEIJING, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) -- A prestigious Chinese university has filed a lawsuit against a former employee over claims that some of its staff members and professors had regularly sexually harassed hostesses at a restaurant they frequent.

Peking University (PKU) sent the indictment against Zou Hengfu, a former professor of economics at PKU, to a Beijing court on Friday, according to a PKU spokesman.

Last week, Zou claimed in a microblog post that his former colleagues had regularly sexually harassed hostesses at the Mengtaoyuan Restaurant they frequent.

Zou, a verified microblogger on the country's most popular Sina Weibo microblogging service, said PKU deans and directors would "always do that" after having meals at the restaurant, located close to the university's hospital. However, Zou did not reveal their identities or provide any evidence to support his accusations.

The spokesman said disciplinary authorities at PKU set up an investigation team on Aug. 22 to look into the accusation after the post sparked public outcry.

None of the restaurant employees have said they were harassed by PKU staff members or professors, as Zou claimed, according to the spokesman.

The spokesman said the investigation team had been unsuccessful in its attempts to contact Zou until Wednesday, when the investigation team received phone calls and emails from Zou for the first time. But he did not provide any substantial evidence to assist in the investigation, the spokesman said.

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