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Motorola not approved to lay off workers in Nanjing

(People's Daily Online)

08:22, August 31, 2012

On the afternoon of Aug. 27, the reporter learned from Nanjing Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security that the research center of Motorola in Nanjing, hereinafter referred to as "Nanjing Motorola," was not approved for its laying off more than 500 workers, according to a report on Aug. 28. A representative of the workers disclosed that the president of Motorola in Asia-Pacific region Liu Fei had arrived in Nanjing, further negotiating with the representatives on Aug. 28.

On the afternoon of Aug. 27, following 40 representatives, the reporter came to Nanjing Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, hereinafter referred to as "Nanjing Bureau," to inquiry about the record on the lay-off of Motorola.

A worker from the "Nanjing Bureau" told the employees, "Motorola has consulted the authorities of labor but up to now has not handled the procedure of putting the employee lay-off on record. The authorities of labor already know that the employees will be laid off. On Aug. 24, a vice director general from the ‘Nanjing Bureau' talked with the capital side regarding the employee lay-off issue." But the worker said that the "Nanjing Bureau" has interfered in this issue but has not talked about it with the representatives of the labor side.

Liu Hua (pseudonym) is one of the 13 representatives elected by more than 500 employees of the "Nanjing Motorola" to negotiate with the capital side. Liu told the reporter that the Motorola once told media that its employee laying-off plan had been put on record and was approved, "but today (Aug. 28) I learned from authorities of labor that it has not been put on record. The company actually cheated the employees."

Read the Chinese version:南京社保部门称摩托罗拉南京裁人未获政府批准

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