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Forum explores digitalization of book market

By Mei Jia (China Daily)

14:13, August 30, 2012 official speaks at annual publishing event in Beijing

The world's top publishers and publishing industry watchers gathered in Beijing on Tuesday to discuss the digitalization of books, a major trend inside and outside China. Inc's Vice-President Jon P. Fine was one of the speakers at the Beijing International Publishing Forum for the second time. He said he returned because of China's market potential and the country's importance in the company's global strategy.

"I'm attracted to publishing in other languages, like in Chinese," he said. "We want to establish a great collaboration here: to bring our books in and take great China stories to other countries."

China's booming e-publishing market is attracting more players, such as Amazon. But Chinese publishers also see digitalization as an efficient and accessible way to make Chinese books and culture more widely known.

Held every year at the time of the Beijing International Book Fair, the publishing forum, along with the China Book International's Foreign Consultants Seminar, which was held on Monday, are two exchange platforms with a growing global influence. This year, the two forums talked about international publishing in the digital age.

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